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Jen S.

I spent hours shopping with Rad. She was a focused, calm and creative force in an overwhelming sea of options.  I left that day feeling prepared, confident, comfortable and beautiful.  I still love and wear each piece of the mini new wardrobe Rad assembled for me.  She is both talented and personable and I loved my shopping experience with her!

Ashley R.

Rad made my Europe trip SO much better by styling me! She truly goes the extra mile to match your vibe so you feel comfortable yet switches things up to keep your status fresh and on trend! Get styled by Rad and have everyone commenting on your elevated outfits! 

Yana D.

I've hired Rad to style outfits for all my occasions and couldn't be happier with the results! From a 10 day trip to London last fall, to my Mexico trip tomorrow, to all my business trips, to any in-person meeting, she has saved me so much time. Rad works with what I have in my closet or will shop for me to curate a chic style specific to the occasion. The biggest value is that it's one less thing for me to worry about, especially when packing/travelling. Not to mention, having a planned and assembled look gives me even more confidence knowing I look GOOD. She has an effortless eye for fashion and is really fun to work with! 

Todd S.

 As a guy, going to a mall and looking for clothes is normally less fun than going to the dentist.  Since meeting with Rad, I now have a much better sense of what to look for when I make those dreaded trips to the mall and also how items should properly fit.   

She came to my house and we spent 2 hours trying on every single item of clothing I had.  We weeded out items that either no longer fit or were out of style (there were SEVERAL).  She then made suggestions for putting together outfits and for items/brands to purchase to round out my wardrobe.  The overall experience was surprisingly enjoyable and definitely worth it.  I strongly recommend Rad if you’re considering a change for a better appearance! 

Layla B.

As a (former) strict athleisure wearing kinda gal, I wanted to really go all out for my trip to London- and first time visiting Europe. Rad immediately put me at ease as she navigated my closet to choose outfits that are both fashion forward and also still felt like me. Our theme words for the trip were effortless, crisp, and layers. I couldn’t be happier with the service that Rad provided. I was able to be present on my trip and not have to stress over what I was wearing. I definitely will be utilizing Rad’s styling services for upcoming events/trips as well as recommend to anyone who is wanting to find (or change) their style, for events, and trips.

Amanda B.

Working with Radmila was so much more enjoyable and painless than I could have imagined. Shopping and curating outfits has always been such a challenging task for me, because I don’t know what looks good on my body or how things should fit. Radmila was with me from start to finish (and beyond) to ensure that my wardrobe was elevated the way I had envisioned. She listened to my needs and went above and beyond to deliver. I continue to use her seasonally and for travel, because it make my life so much easier. Thank you, Radmila!

Bailey D.

Rad has styled me for multiple trips in the past and is absolutely fabulous. Since I live in California, we went for Rad’s virtual option to get looks together for a family trip to Mexico. I was so impressed that even over a video chat Rad was able to put together refined and fashionable outfits from my mish-mashed and dated wardrobe. I was super impressed. For my more recent trip on an African Safari I chose to use Rad’s more complete services as I definitely needed some new items for the occasion. For this styling, Rad personally selected versatile pieces that were not only safari chic, but were also within my pre-determined budget. I will definitely be using Rad in the future and HIGHLY, 11 out of 10, recommend!

Felicia J.

If you're thinking about personal tyling or even just a closet edit, you MUST use Rad. I have a closet full of clothing, accessories and shoes that I've worn and seen a number of times, but Rad has the unique ability to help me see pieces I've kept for a long time in a totally new light. I'm someone who likes to mix newer styles with vintage, and she did an awesome job of pulling together things I wouldn't normally choose for myself. She helped me pull a number of outfits for a vacation in Mexico, and I was Instagram-ready the entire trip! Plus, she's fun and ferociously fashionable on her own. What's not to love about that?

Tia E.

Having Rad organize my closest was one of the greatest things to happen to me. I’ve always been a little embarrassed of all the clothes I had, knowing I didn’t wear half of them but couldn’t let go of a lot of pieces I haven’t worn in years. She made me feel so comfortable, and not one bit of embarrassment. Having someone else hold up my clothing  me look at my each piece from a different perspective. I would say yay or nay, and she support every decision I made and backed it. If I felt unsure about something we set it aside and went back to it at the end. I appreciated her advice on what I could donate vs what I could try ans sell! I had so many clothes that the shelving and racks were literally falling off of the walls. At the end of our time together, my closet was sized down to all the pieces I needed and nothing I didn’t. She also took time to help me piece together new outfits using what I already had and gave me a few ideas on some items I could add to my wardrobe that would be staples and build more outfits. I never thought I would need someone else help me do this kind of task but now that I’ve done it,  I tell everyone that they need to have Rad come in to their closet!! She has a top tier way of doing things and her sense of style is so tasteful. Not to mention the weight she lifted off my shoulders, not only to have the task done that I just couldn’t get myself to do, but walking into my  clean and organized closet every morning  has helped me more than I ever imagined. It’s easier to find outfits, easier to keep clean, and my life has been simplified in a way I didn’t know i needed. Do yourself a favor and hire Rad to help you! You won’t regret it. 

Chelsea J.

“I am SO grateful to have worked with Radmila on refreshing my closet! I’m a crazy busy working Mom and have ZERO time to navigate my wardrobe, so Radmila was a godsend. She lives and breathes practical, timeless, yet trendy fashion. WORTH EVERY PENNY. Thank you Radmila!!!”


Taylor L.

Radmila is a true GEM! She helped me go through my entire closet in no time, and made the entire process so easy and fun! We ended up departing with 6 garbage full of outdated clothing that I couldn't convince myself to depart with on my own. We re organized everything and identified gaps to help me work towards creating a capsule wardrobe. Truly the best experience and will definitely do it again in a couple of years.

Kassie M.

Radmila made me feel comfortable in my own skin and helped me chose clothing to keep that elevated that comfort. She has incredible insight into trends and versatility of items to get me closer to that capsule wardrobe I’ve been wanting. This closet audit felt like a retail therapy session I so badly needed and Ieft me with new appreciation for the clothing left in my closet. I would 12/10 recommend her to anyone. I sincerely cannot wait to make this an annual thing. 

Athena M. 

I LOVED working with Rad. She came over to my house and we went thru my closet and she helped me put together outfits I would have never thought would go together, like which shoes and pants would go with what style of shirt. Or what colors go with pinks or yellows or colors I wanted to wear but didn't know how. I almost got rid of a few items just because I didn't know how to style them, but she helped me find ways I am comfortable wearing them and now I wear them all the time. She also helped me get rid of clothes I never wear and only keep items I love, so I feel like I wear everything in my closet now and don't shop as much because I know what I have and it's such an amazing feeling. I love my close and closet and am excited now to get ready for the day, for events or for a trip. I am excited to work with her more for upcoming trips and events! She is so fun and funny and we just had a blast. It was a creative process and so productive and fun. I highly recommend her!!

Catherine H.

I needed a closet refresh. I needed to change up my outfits to fit my lifestyle. (35 years old, work from home, needed to dress more simple yet professional) I found Radmila via a Facebook group. She was very responsive and making an in person closet audit was so simple. Rad came over, made me make hard decisions (in the best possible way) about the items that I wanted to keep or toss. She was able to pull together multiple outfits from things I already own. We cleared out nearly 3 bags of clothes and shoes. Afterwards she sent me some staple items I needed to complete my minimalist wardrobe and I am 100% happy and highly recommend.

Evan A.

I am thrilled to share my experience working with Rad as my personal stylist. Her exceptional eye for fashion and attention to detail have helped me take my social media presence to new heights by creating unique and captivating outfits that my followers love.

Her ability to push me out of my comfort zone, while still respecting my style and preferences, has been instrumental in keeping my content fresh and exciting. The outfits she has created for me have helped me stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, her friendly and communicative approach has made the styling process easy and enjoyable. Rad's professionalism and passion for her craft are evident in everything she does, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her.

I would highly recommend Rad's services to anyone looking to elevate their fashion game and create content that truly resonates with their audience. Her expertise in styling and commitment to client satisfaction makes her a true asset!

Rachel W.

I did the wardrobe consultation and personal shopping/styling and before working with Rad I felt like I had a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear. It was overwhelming to figure out on my own but with Rad's help, we figured out what to keep, what to donate (8 bags worth!!), and what pieces I needed based on my current wardrobe, style, and budget. I loved using what I already had in my closet to style new outfits and I've been enjoying shopping more because I'm more clear about what I need in order to make my wardrobe feel complete. If you feel like you need a refresh and don't know where to start, Rad is your person!

Saba M.

Radmila is RAD. I'm so happy I used her closet audit and styling services ahead of a move to a new place. In three hours, we were able to purge 6 bags of clothing (which I plan on donating) including items that no longer fit, felt outdated or just got too much or too little love sitting in the closet all these years. We then styled a few of my existing pieces in combos I'd never thought of before. I feel relieved pre-move because I feel my existing closet is now actually manageable and less chaotic.

Samantha S.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Rad for a closet edit, and it was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to refresh their wardrobe. From the start, Rad was warm, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable about fashion and personal style.


During our virtual session, Rad took the time to understand my unique style preferences and helped me to identify the pieces in my closet that truly spark joy and make me feel confident. With her expert guidance, I was able to let go of items that were no longer serving me and make room for new pieces that align with my personal style and vision.


Throughout the entire process, Rad was a true champion and cheerleader for me, offering encouragement and support every step of the way. By the end of our session, I felt a newfound sense of clarity and peace when it came to my wardrobe - and best of all, I felt confident in my ability to style myself in a way that truly reflects who I am.


Overall, I cannot recommend Rad's closet edit service enough. They are an absolute joy to work with and have a gift for helping others to feel confident and at peace with their personal style. If you're considering a closet edit, don't hesitate to reach out to Rad - it's a decision you won't regret!

Ashley A.

Working with Rad streamlined and simplified my mornings. Picking out outfits was always the worst part of my mornings because I was indecisive and tried on many outfits before leaving the house. Rad helped me not only purge the items that no longer serve me, but also helped me shop what I already had to put together outfits that fit my new style. My mornings are now quick and easy and I actually feel confident in what I’m wearing. I’ll be working with her again!

Raimee I.

Rad gave me the BEST system for clearing my closet of all the clutter clothes I had that weren't true to me and my style anymore. It was so helpful to have someone talk me through my pieces and guide me through the process of figuring out what my personal style is. She also helped me put together pieces that I loved but didn't know how to style and gave me so much more confidence when it comes to putting outfits together! If you have been wanting to build a capsule wardrobe or refresh your close, YOU NEED RAD!!!

Sarah J.

Ok so where to start. I have been “planning” on going through my closet for the last year and a half but of course life happens and you never get to it. Also, not being able to clearly see my clothes and clear out my closet led to excessive shopping, because I could never find the actual outfit or see truly what I had. Rad came over twice (because I had two closets) and did a fantastic job helping me sort through things. We got rid of clothes I’ve held onto since highschool (literally) and made piles to donate, keep, and maybes. Some clothes I wasn’t sure if I was ready to let go of, so we left those for later and saw if we could make them into outfits. 4+ hours later and over 8 bags of donations I could finally breathe again. My closet is immaculate, I can find things again, I have outfit ideas with basics and truly sleep better(it’s weird to say that). It’s crazy but having so much “stuff” everywhere adds stress to daily life, and to the chaos. I finally am able to see what I need for staples in my wardrobe and what I don’t have to keep shopping for. Plus an added bonus if you need suggestions for additional outfits Rad can recommend styles from your closet or many shops I haven’t even heard of! Oh and my husband finally has some space for his clothes in 1/3 closet.. as it should be. 10/10 recommend doing this with Rad! Worth it for your closet, style and sanity!

Hank M.

"As a former men's stylist I felt a lot of her suggestions, ideas and wardrobe strategies were relevant to myself as a male who likes to push the styling envelope but also blend a bit. Prior to working for a men's store I used to think the brand and price tag made the look. Wrong. Sizing, proper fit and complementary textures and colors were most important. Once I went down this rabbit hole of pushing my style I found I had too many clothes, too many options and now started to become overwhelmed. Packing for a work trip or vacation became stressful and I often way over packed and rarely wore 80% of what I packed. I needed to pair down my closet and options, but was "attached" to items I hadn't worn in years. Also, work style has changed with new work from home policies. She came in and we got rid of LOTs of things. I went from overstuffed closets to more minimalist options without compromising my style and individuality. "You wont miss it once it's  gone", and she's 100% right, I don't even remember exactly what we got rid of! She asked me questions about what made me comfortable, she took cues from some cornerstone fundamentals (I like Jordans, Fedoras, Joggers, performance dress shirts, etc) and paired them down so I would have options without feeling overwhelmed. She gave me advice on how items fit me, and we discussed more thrifty and economical buying habits moving forward. We also discussed how my style has transitioned over time and how to keep "edgy" without looking dated or too aggressive with colors and fit. The next time I traveled was mind freeing and way less stressful. I stayed away from the "old man, dad look" or the old man trying too hard to look young vibe. I've already referred her to a couple of my friends from my retail days and strongly recommend her to anyone, men included, whether your closet is sparse and empty (she will give you ideas on how use what you have and where to go to compliment your individual style) or if you're like me and have been collecting items over the years only to find them buried in the back, bottom or top of your closets!"

Alissa H.

I bought a closet audit for my mom and she absolutely loved it. She called me immediately after telling me how much fun she had, and how amazing Radmila was. I think it was one of my best gift ideas yet :)"

Ella H.

I had so much fun doing my closet audit! Radmila helped me go through all of my winter clothes and we figured out which worked well for me and which I should part with. She even gave me ideas on what items I could get to complete some outfits! I now have fewer clothes, but many more that I actually wear - my closet is organized and so much more functional. I look forward to a spring/summer wardrobe audit with Radmila soon!

Kimberly T.

Rad is the best! She helped me clear out years of clutter from my closets and style outfits from clothes I already had.  We identified gaps in my wardrobe and she sent me amazing options to fill in these gaps.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have a grasp on both my closet and my style POV. Thank you

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