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Creating a timeless style that sets the right tone and message about the individual.


Greetings! My friends call me Rad, so you should too. I've been lending out my clothes and styling friends for as long as I can remember. I spent several years in Los Angeles working in fashion and have brought my passion and talents back to Minneapolis! 


I strongly believe that your energy introduces you before you introduce yourself! A part of that has to do with feeling confident and empowered, which a well-styled outfit can exude. Your disheveled closet is my happy place, so let's get to work!

You dish about your style and goals; I tell you how I can help.




We start creating the looks that work for your body and your budget. 

I build a personalized plan to help revamp your wardrobe.




Vacation Styling

Photo Shoot Styling

Event Styling

Family Styling

Closet Edits

Wardrobe Revamp

Vacation Styling

Photo Shoot Styling

Event Styling

Family Styling

Closet Edits

Wardrobe Revamp

Jen S.

I spent hours shopping with Rad. She was a focused, calm and creative force in an overwhelming sea of options.  I left that day feeling prepared, confident, comfortable and beautiful.  I still love and wear each piece of the mini new wardrobe Rad assembled for me.  She is both talented and personable and I loved my shopping experience with her!

Layla B.

As a (former) strict athleisure wearing kinda gal, I wanted to really go all out for my trip to London- and first time visiting Europe. Rad immediately put me at ease as she navigated my closet to choose outfits that are both fashion forward and also still felt like me. Our theme words for the trip were effortless, crisp, and layers. I couldn’t be happier with the service that Rad provided. I was able to be present on my trip and not have to stress over what I was wearing. I definitely will be utilizing Rad’s styling services for upcoming events/trips as well as recommend to anyone who is wanting to find (or change) their style, for events, and trips.

Bailey D.

Rad has styled me for multiple trips in the past and is absolutely fabulous. Since I live in California, we went for Rad’s virtual option to get looks together for a family trip to Mexico. I was so impressed that even over a video chat Rad was able to put together refined and fashionable outfits from my mish-mashed and dated wardrobe. I was super impressed. For my more recent trip on an African Safari I chose to use Rad’s more complete services as I definitely needed some new items for the occasion. For this styling, Rad personally selected versatile pieces that were not only safari chic, but were also within my pre-determined budget. I will definitely be using Rad in the future and HIGHLY, 11 out of 10, recommend!

Felicia J.

If you're thinking about personal tyling or even just a closet edit, you MUST use Rad. I have a closet full of clothing, accessories and shoes that I've worn and seen a number of times, but Rad has the unique ability to help me see pieces I've kept for a long time in a totally new light. I'm someone who likes to mix newer styles with vintage, and she did an awesome job of pulling together things I wouldn't normally choose for myself. She helped me pull a number of outfits for a vacation in Mexico, and I was Instagram-ready the entire trip! Plus, she's fun and ferociously fashionable on her own. What's not to love about that?

Todd S.

 As a guy, going to a mall and looking for clothes is normally less fun than going to the dentist.  Since meeting with Rad, I now have a much better sense of what to look for when I make those dreaded trips to the mall and also how items should properly fit.   

She came to my house and we spent 2 hours trying on every single item of clothing I had.  We weeded out items that either no longer fit or were out of style (there were SEVERAL).  She then made suggestions for putting together outfits and for items/brands to purchase to round out my wardrobe.  The overall experience was surprisingly enjoyable and definitely worth it.  I strongly recommend Rad if you’re considering a change for a better appearance! 

Yana D.

I've hired Rad to style outfits for all my occasions and couldn't be happier with the results! From a 10 day trip to London last fall, to my Mexico trip tomorrow, to all my business trips, to any in-person meeting, she has saved me so much time. Rad works with what I have in my closet or will shop for me to curate a chic style specific to the occasion. The biggest value is that it's one less thing for me to worry about, especially when packing/travelling. Not to mention, having a planned and assembled look gives me even more confidence knowing I look GOOD. She has an effortless eye for fashion and is really fun to work with! 

Amanda B.

Working with Radmila was so much more enjoyable and painless than I could have imagined. Shopping and curating outfits has always been such a challenging task for me, because I don’t know what looks good on my body or how things should fit. Radmila was with me from start to finish (and beyond) to ensure that my wardrobe was elevated the way I had envisioned. She listened to my needs and went above and beyond to deliver. I continue to use her seasonally and for travel, because it make my life so much easier. Thank you, Radmila!

Ashley R.

Rad made my Europe trip SO much better by styling me! She truly goes the extra mile to match your vibe so you feel comfortable yet switches things up to keep your status fresh and on trend! Get styled by Rad and have everyone commenting on your elevated outfits! 



Holiday Edition

Kimberly T

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